Love Invocation (June 2019)

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love invocation 13: love never fails

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love invocation 12: love fortifies

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love invocation 11: love reincarnates

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love invocation 10: love persists

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love invocation 09: love enchants

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love invocation 08: love remains

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love invocation 07: love expands

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love invocation 06: love cares

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love invocation 05: love restores

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love invocation 04: love refreshes

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love invocation 03: love transforms

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love invocation 02: love is patient

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Greetings Love,

NOTE: Welcome to June 2019! Today we will begin our LOVE INVOCATION! You are invited to follow along here. I will be selecting three witches to receive a Love Box filled with goodies to use in love drawing and self-love work. Let me see you participating by re-posting the recordings, inviting your friends and using #BBLoveInvocation. Also, please consider donating to either Bossy Bruja Podcast and/or Bossy Bruja Prayers. Once we reach $1000 the proceeds will go toward our bossy micro grant to bless one small business owner. If you’d like to be considered for this micro grant, simply make a donation of at least $1 and send me a screenshot of your receipt and a quick email about your business (idea) to

Now, a quick word about our love invocation, because yesterday I felt myself getting overwhelmed at the idea of leading a group of witches in the manifestation of romantic love. All types of confused questions and insecurities started to surface. Then a calm came over me and I wrote these words: We will approach the manifestation of romantic love and partnership the way we approach all manifestations, with our thoughts as seeds, with our omnipotent spirit, and our words as wands. Our vision will be our blueprint. We can feel love now.

If we believe and expect it to be easy, enchantingly beautiful, and rapturous it will be as we have decided for ourselves. The majority may be eking out mediocre, boring, un-examined lives and their love lives are probably just as drab. But you and I, dear? We are consciously co-creating our lives for ourselves, and we have one another’s support. This means we are careful not to be carried away on the endless sea of drama that others are content to drift upon.

We make our own choices. We set the energy in our lives. We accept this day our perfect worthiness and the permanent beneficence of Creator Almighty.

May the love of Spirit permeate our being, radiate through us, and find its match with ease. May we give expression to Spirit loving itself in another. May we lend our Bodies, Minds, and Hearts to love. May we know true love intimately now. Amen.



The Anti-Suicide Note

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I am writing this because I have felt for months that I should plead with you to stay alive. I want you to know that I understand how it feels to not feel the desire to be in this world. I also know that suicide does not always involve destroying the physical self. Suicides are committed in a million different ways and one of the most prominent ways we kill ourselves (which is never discussed) is through hiding and shaming ourselves.

Insecurities, guilt, shame, the idea that we are unworthy and unlovable can crush our hearts. Life’s struggles and the disappointments we experience dealing with other people can be overwhelming to the point of simply wanting to disconnect from everything or give up. I have been there. This is how I know things do get better.

Recently, I was shaken to find that two of my very dearest friends (and favorite people) considered and attempted (physical) suicide. This struck me to my core, because I considered that the world might miss out on these two exceptional women, and that they might not have gotten the chance to experience the beauty of life as a human. I felt fear that I might have missed getting to see them living and thriving presently.

Fortunately, they both made it through and are now blissful in work, love, health and spirit. I am grateful that their practices as witches and the inspiration they received to hold on empowered them beyond temporary (albeit long-lasting) feelings of defeat and states of depression. Something in me believes that thoughts of suicide happen at some point for all people, even if the thoughts are not lasting or acted upon by everyone.

There is a saying: you don’t have to believe everything you think. This is important to keep in mind especially when heartbreaking sadness begins to convince us that it would be better to leave this place. Perhaps you think you are unloved, unworthy or unlovable. Perhaps you think you have nothing of value to offer the world. Perhaps you think you’re “too” something or “not enough” of something else. I urge you to challenge these thoughts and to rebel against them, first with your thoughts and then with your heart. I urge you to consider that these thoughts did not originate with you, that you were not BORN thinking down about yourself. This is a learned behavior that does not need to determine or define your life or your future. These attitudes of mind do not have to remain with you, they can be replaced.

You are certainly lovable, you know. I love you.

So, consider that you have a right, a freedom and an opportunity to learn new patterns of thought, and to change the way you think of yourself. Then, simply begin mining the depths of your own mind and perhaps begin a project of researching and discovering new things to involve yourself with that inspire you, that make you happy to be alive. Explore your own psychology and learn more about yourself and the roots of these feelings. I’m simply asking you to consider where these thoughts are coming from and then to examine them closely. And if you are in a dark place right now, don’t trust your decisions especially if they come with the finality of death.

Stay alive. Time is a healer. And the time will pass and with it some of these emotions may pass also.

Now, as you begin on your ANTI-SUICIDE PROJECT please create an anti-suicide playlist of songs you absolutely love. I’ve created a list of songs that make me positively joyous! These are songs I am happy to have lived long enough to hear. These are songs that I am grateful artists took the time and initiative to create for you and me. These songs make me straighten my spine, close my eyes and tilt my face toward the sky—they are so good. Listen to these songs and then share your songs with me in the comments.

One good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain. —Bob Marley “Trenchtown Rock”

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HYPNOTIZE, a short story

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Normally, I hate house parties—too much drama and I always feel out of place. Then, there’s always the possibility of the night ending in gunshots. So, how the hell did I end up in Rakeem’s living room standing against a wall feeling like an overdressed tomboy in a sea of vixens wearing my Aggie’s tee shirt and baggy jeans you ask? Simple. I wanted to see Rakeem

Long Live Love

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Love is gratitude. Love is appreciation. It is all things working for the good of those who love the Most High. It is okay, all the things that have been done to me and around me. I find ways to use everything to my benefit. The abandonment, the sorrow, the heartbreak, the betrayals, the cruelty—they did not make me love myself less. They did not make me stop believing in love—nothing could, like nothing could make me stop believing in God.

Crazy Entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur is like being an alien among humans or a magician among muggles. You’re weird. You think differently, see things differently, and have options others can’t even imagine for themselves. You have to continue to believe that you are capable and free and that amazing things are possible for you whether others believe it too or not.


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I am turned off by complicated spiritual traditions with their many rules and their many hierarchies and their endless secrets. After all, that extreme secrecy is what has kept the masses psychologically and physically enslaved for centuries.


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Welcome to your Breakup Celebration! Keep in mind: you may lose some of the breakup battles, but you can win the war. Hi, I'm Sis and I'll be your Breakup Coach for the day. Enjoyable (and strong) breakups is basically a skill of mine and I'd love to share my secrets with you.

LUXOR LOVE SPELL, a short story

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Now our girl had not gone a day without thinking of the man in the pho restaurant. She’d even gone back there a couple of times hoping to run into him, but he’d been a no-show for weeks now. She had to admit she was a little disappointed, but she remained confident that they’d run into one another again when the time was right.

MAGNETISM, a short story.

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IT’S BEEN 48 DAYS, 12 hours and 30 minutes since she left her ex. It was a hard decision because she’d actually been into the guy. On top of actually having feelings for him, he’d been one of her better boyfriends—affectionate, considerate, paying all the bills. She’d miss his compulsive need to pleasure her every night.

30 Lessons I Learned in 30 Years

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  1. People do what they were going to do anyway and then blame it on you.

  2. Trust God. Love People. God never fails and people need love.

  3. Love is acceptance. When you love someone, you aren’t seeking to change them.

  4. Use condoms. Every time. With everyone. It’s 2018 (soon to be, 2019) accidental pregnancy is a thing of the past. And a person will fuck you knowing full well they have a disease.

  5. If you can withstand the betrayal of a close friend or relative, you can withstand it from anybody else. The world won’t be able to hurt you after your mama has hurt you. Pause and recognize this blessing.

  6. After someone abuses you one time it is very easy to do it again. You must leave or find a way to communicate to the abuser effectively that their behavior is unacceptable, though I have never discovered a way to get it through to an abuser, so I always just end up leaving.

  7. Friends are the ones you are completely free to be yourself with. In their presence, you are at peace.

  8. God is here. Exactly where I am. Fully present. All power itself. God is always willing, ready, and able to co-create the next chapter of my life with me.

  9. Change is constant. You are manifesting. Do it deliberately.

  10. Give yourself some solitude in your 20s. It’s a beautiful thing and totally underrated.

  11. If someone tries to serve you an ultimatum regarding your spirituality (means of relating to the Divine), stand firm about your beliefs and/or the right to explore spirituality in your own way. They will come around. They may even become curious later on. If you bend on your relationship with God (which is always utterly personal) people will expect you to bend on anything else.

  12. Library cards are free. At one point, only 3 percent of the population had a library card. (Now think of those who actually used their card, less than 3 percent). Be extraordinary and get a library card. Also, get a passport and a license. I grew up around a lady whose husband took her everywhere. When he died she still couldn’t drive. Learn to drive.

  13. “My affirmations work for me whether I believe they will or not.”

  14. Always honor your teachers and cite your sources. It doesn’t feel good to have someone else flaunting your ideas as their own.

  15. Sex can wait. It is incredible but only to the degree that you are safe, comfortable and in love with the person. Every other lover will be a complete waste of numbers.

  16. Either God is omnipotent or diseases can truly be incurable. Actually, “incurable” is a medical term meaning, “no treatment for cure available.” It is a man-made term. Modern medicine is only a few hundred years old. Herbalism is thousands of years old. Go with the herbs and spices. Cayenne pepper kills virus and purifies the blood. Graviola/soursop kills cancer.

  17. Prayer is the golden key to LIFE.

  18. Spell casting is prayer in the form of candle lighting, rituals, procedures, acknowledgements…but it is still prayer.

  19. To heal depression focus the mind on what you are grateful for and seek nature.

  20. Nature wins.

  21. One “God” different words, different practices, different Paths. Still one. All one. ALL.

  22. Alchemy is mental. All is mind.

  23. Be a friend.

  24. Use your words wisely. Words create. Words are recorded. Words are remembered. When you see something you like, love or admire speak it.

  25. Stay grounded. It is logical to think we existed before this lifetime, but it is not practical to spend too much time looking backwards. Instead be present for this lifetime with its tasks, mission, and purpose.

  26. Honor your ancestors. They were people with full lives, concerns, loves, and favorite foods too. They are present in every cell of your body. Give thanks for the lives they led. No us without them.

  27. READ. Leaders are always readers.

  28. Everyone you meet is fighting their own personal battles. It is also likely that some of them are suffering. Strive to be kind. Do not add to the suffering of this dreamworld.

  29. I am eternal. I can enjoy this part of the journey.

  30. Work is majik. Work will transform your life. Do it with a purpose.


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What’s good Witches!? I haven’t written in a while but I decided to change that because I got a few things I want to share and a few moments to spare. This is a message to all you bossy brujas out there who need a reminder that you’re the shit, you’re killing it and never be afraid to fall down and get your knees bloody. Fuck it. Life is for the willing, the living and the bold.

10 Reasons to Schedule Your Reading With Me

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1. I respect all spiritual paths.

2. I'm friendly AF.

3. I read warnings by offering resolutions, suggestions and methods of moving through lessons gracefully.

4. I believe in you and your power.

5. I add a little numerology + astrology to the mix. And that's always fun if you're into that sorta thing.

6. I love to have a good time. My readings are as fun as they are enlightening.

7. My readings are thorough. I won't move on until you understand.

8. No question or topic is off-limits.

9. I will give it to you straight without judging you.

10. I'm passionate about this work and take it seriously.



How I Knew I Was A Witch

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My mama is a real BOSS WITCH. She loves witches but would never apply the term to herself, at least not these days. These days she'd simply call herself BLESSED and she would be speaking facts. I was talking to my gramma and mama on the phone a couple days ago and my mother's mother confirmed what I had noticed.