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What’s good Witches!? I haven’t written in a while but I decided to change that because I got a few things I want to share and a few moments to spare. This is a message to all you bossy brujas out there who need a reminder that you’re the shit, you’re killing it and never be afraid to fall down and get your knees bloody. Fuck it. Life is for the willing, the living and the bold. It doesn’t matter if every person around you is just existing, transitioning from one distraction to the next. You have work to do, love.You have dreams, goals, objectives, a purpose and a mission. And all of that is much bigger than any excuse you could come up with. Right?

This is my two cents on NOT GIVING A FUCK.

Every person I admire has been through tough times. And maybe they weren’t bragging about those tough times, making it the focus of their lives and message or even thinking about it. But it does not mean they didn’t go through shit. And you know what else? Every person I admire got through their shit and went on to achieve their goals. They also went on to face greater storms and to accomplish greater feats. Do you think your strong friend hasn’t gone through shit? Do you think I’m here writing having never experienced some of the nastiest things you can imagine (perhaps some of the same things you’ve gone through)?

But, you’ll notice that the mark of someone who has gone through shit and been transformed by it on the POSITIVE side (because you can also allow your situations to transform you adversely) is they come out shining. They come out stronger, bolder, happier and more self-assured. This is the gift that your fucked up situations provide you. They require you to change, to upgrade your self-concept, to choose you, to think faster and to trust your intuition without question. Your problems make a problem solver out of you. And in this wild world it’s the entertainers and the problem solvers who get paid the most. Have you noticed?

So let me say this: Focus on solving your problems and don’t let your excuses, fears or personal doubts and shames keep you from this important work. Sit your ass down or get your ass up and get to work, period. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk, ride a bike, call a lyft, take a bus or a train. It doesn’t matter if you have to bunk with a friend, rent a room, live in the hood or grab an airbnb. I’ve slept in my car before. I’ve moved back in with my mom. I’ve lived in a weekly in Las Vegas. OK? Be safe but be fearless. And stop giving a fuck about the opinions of people who aren’t paying your bills or actively working with you to resolve your problems. If you ask me, I would even suggest ignoring the opinions of the ones who are paying your bills, honey. Think for yourself. This is your life.

Success necessitates taking advice from the ones who are better versed in a specific skill than you. But the ones who win big are the ones who dare to dream and think big and remain self-governing. So, real quick — here’s a go-to list on HOW to not give a fuck.

  1. Remind yourself that regardless of how much someone loves you or hates you, you’re still the one who has to live with yourself and your decisions and the results of those decisions.

  2. Be responsible for yourself.

  3. Decide to risk failure in order to win big in the end.

  4. Understand that for as long as you’re still breathing possibilities abound.

  5. Use your mind in ways that are supportive of yourself and your dreams and not counteractive. In other words, instead of looking for and focusing on problems and issues see solutions and potential and then act on it.

  6. Keep moving forward, no fucking matter what! Everyone goes through defeats and setbacks but FAILURE requires you to give up. If you have not given up then you are still in the game and have not officially lost yet. It’s not over until you quit.

  7. Stop giving a shit what other people think of you. And figure out what you think about yourself because your self-concept determines how you act and your actions determine your success or lack thereof.

  8. Think for yourself.

  9. Know you are worthy without question.

  10. Choose life more abundant. That means go bigger, produce more and see yourself through the eyes of Spirit who loves you unconditionally and knows you can do whatever you want because you are the very embodiment of Spirit (Daughter of God).

  11. Let one of your highest priorities be to have fun.

  12. Lastly, have a FUCK IT CAMPAIGN.

What I mean by that last suggestion is to literally start saying “FUCK IT” like an affirmation while taking the very action you want or need to take, anyway. Do whatever you can to the absolute best of your ability with whatever resources you have available right now. Excuses are for people committed to losing.

Not giving a fuck is a valid attitude and it is much better than being worried about every fucking little thing you can’t control. Instead, focus on the things you have control and authority over (that’s yourself and your life for starters) and get moving. It’s hard to give a fuck when your progressing.



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