30 Lessons I Learned in 30 Years

mindsetAyodele Fuega2 Comments
  1. People do what they were going to do anyway and then blame it on you.

  2. Trust God. Love People. God never fails and people need love.

  3. Love is acceptance. When you love someone, you aren’t seeking to change them.

  4. Use condoms. Every time. With everyone. It’s 2018 (soon to be, 2019) accidental pregnancy is a thing of the past. And a person will fuck you knowing full well they have a disease.

  5. If you can withstand the betrayal of a close friend or relative, you can withstand it from anybody else. The world won’t be able to hurt you after your mama has hurt you. Pause and recognize this blessing.

  6. After someone abuses you one time it is very easy to do it again. You must leave or find a way to communicate to the abuser effectively that their behavior is unacceptable, though I have never discovered a way to get it through to an abuser, so I always just end up leaving.

  7. Friends are the ones you are completely free to be yourself with. In their presence, you are at peace.

  8. God is here. Exactly where I am. Fully present. All power itself. God is always willing, ready, and able to co-create the next chapter of my life with me.

  9. Change is constant. You are manifesting. Do it deliberately.

  10. Give yourself some solitude in your 20s. It’s a beautiful thing and totally underrated.

  11. If someone tries to serve you an ultimatum regarding your spirituality (means of relating to the Divine), stand firm about your beliefs and/or the right to explore spirituality in your own way. They will come around. They may even become curious later on. If you bend on your relationship with God (which is always utterly personal) people will expect you to bend on anything else.

  12. Library cards are free. At one point, only 3 percent of the population had a library card. (Now think of those who actually used their card, less than 3 percent). Be extraordinary and get a library card. Also, get a passport and a license. I grew up around a lady whose husband took her everywhere. When he died she still couldn’t drive. Learn to drive.

  13. “My affirmations work for me whether I believe they will or not.”

  14. Always honor your teachers and cite your sources. It doesn’t feel good to have someone else flaunting your ideas as their own.

  15. Sex can wait. It is incredible but only to the degree that you are safe, comfortable and in love with the person. Every other lover will be a complete waste of numbers.

  16. Either God is omnipotent or diseases can truly be incurable. Actually, “incurable” is a medical term meaning, “no treatment for cure available.” It is a man-made term. Modern medicine is only a few hundred years old. Herbalism is thousands of years old. Go with the herbs and spices. Cayenne pepper kills virus and purifies the blood. Graviola/soursop kills cancer.

  17. Prayer is the golden key to LIFE.

  18. Spell casting is prayer in the form of candle lighting, rituals, procedures, acknowledgements…but it is still prayer.

  19. To heal depression focus the mind on what you are grateful for and seek nature.

  20. Nature wins.

  21. One “God” different words, different practices, different Paths. Still one. All one. ALL.

  22. Alchemy is mental. All is mind.

  23. Be a friend.

  24. Use your words wisely. Words create. Words are recorded. Words are remembered. When you see something you like, love or admire speak it.

  25. Stay grounded. It is logical to think we existed before this lifetime, but it is not practical to spend too much time looking backwards. Instead be present for this lifetime with its tasks, mission, and purpose.

  26. Honor your ancestors. They were people with full lives, concerns, loves, and favorite foods too. They are present in every cell of your body. Give thanks for the lives they led. No us without them.

  27. READ. Leaders are always readers.

  28. Everyone you meet is fighting their own personal battles. It is also likely that some of them are suffering. Strive to be kind. Do not add to the suffering of this dreamworld.

  29. I am eternal. I can enjoy this part of the journey.

  30. Work is majik. Work will transform your life. Do it with a purpose.