The Dark Season & Blissful Shadow Working

shadow workAyodele Fuega7 Comments

As witches we embrace life’s cycles. We make use of everything we have to co-create whatever we need and desire with Higher Power. We do not oppose Nature. Instead, we adore and embody the shifts and flow with them, allowing them to transform, fortify and renew us.


We are entering into the Dark Season (Winter) on the Solstice (December 21) and I am so EXCITED!!! Are you? This is one of my favorite parts of the year. I have specific albums I listen to (Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan, which is all about divorce; As I Am by Alicia Keys; and The Real Thing by Jill Scott). There are also spiritual practices (like HOT YOGA) and spiritual technologies (like the Kabbalah) I tend to return to in the Winter season.

Winter used to be a miserable time for me, but I learned to make it pay me and I want you to do the same. We must be careful, gentle, and mindful of ourselves during this season. If we are not careful navigating these Dark Times can be emotionally difficult, even dangerous. We all know that suicides tend to increase around this time of year. And I have experienced the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) firsthand.

So, with this letter to Our Community and Coven, I’d like to suggest a new perspective and practice. Namely: The Dark Season & Blissful Shadow Working.

There is something so relieving about exploring our shadow side, soft spots, and weaknesses. There is something so beautiful about examining our shortcomings, toxic habits, self-sabotaging patterns, and looking deeply for ways to do better going forward.

This season is a gift. It offers us space for introspection, rest, and solitude. It can be amazingly cozy and comfortable as we take to our homes, build fires, drink soothing herbal tea, take time to write, and to enjoy our loved ones and our homes. But this season can also be bitterly cold and spiritually crushing. I’d like to offer a shift in perspective so that doesn’t have to be the case.

Think about when you walk outside in Winter and you feel the cold, especially if you live someplace where there are regular, heavy snowfalls. There are different ways to perceive the experience. You can see it as a depressing, inescapable cold hell. Or you can breath in the freezing air and allow it to clarify your mind and make you more alert. The cold can be painful or it can be refreshing.

I submit the same is true for the spiritual work that may done during these three months. It can be bitter and excruciating or it can be vivifying and exciting, like when we were children and a SNOW DAY meant we’d be playing all day and skipping school!

I know that for some of us this time of year is depressing and lonely and I want to make sure no witch is caught out there feeling isolated and sad. For this reason, I will be sharing tips, tricks, and spiritual techniques I’ve learned over the years which have provided me with tremendous emotional endurance and comfort. These spiritual ideas and practices can also produce mental clarity in times of extreme pain, sickness, and intense difficulty. I am so excited to share these practices with you! I could just scream! I ask that you share this open letter with your friends who may benefit from a community of loving women and men who are consciously navigating tough, cold times.

Please stay close to my instagram page: @bossybruja because that is where I will be sharing the bulk of the tips during The Dark Season. Bright blessings to you and your family!