But can you pay your rent though, Ayo?

moneyAyodele Fuega2 Comments

A sister asked me if I was able to pay my rent and afford my bills doing this work. EXCELLENT QUESTION and I am so grateful that she asked because it had not occurred to me that people might be wondering this. I gave her an open, honest, and straightforward answer. She thanked me for being transparent and honest. So, before we get into this I want you to know that as your psychic, I don't lie. I am straightforward and honest because I'm not a shitty human being and my spiritual gifts demand it. In addition to that, only pussies lie and I ain't scared of y'all. 

What I told her is 1. I don't pay bills. My boyfriend pays my bills. But, if I wanted to pay my bills for some inconceivable reason, I could. I would simply return to North Carolina where my income instantly triples due to the high volume of in-person clients I'd see regularly. I'd stay with my sister or rent a little $500-600 apartment because living in North Carolina is dirt cheap. There is a thriving magical community in North Carolina I plan to serve soon enough. In the meantime, I'm being hosted, by an old friend, in upstate New York while I increase my clientele using social media (because I believe strongly that men should pay and pay for women to live). And, 2. I only spend money when I want to.

I do not sustain my lifestyle and travels with cash. I sustain my life with my extraordinarily optimistic attitude, boisterous and loving energy, clearly imagined and felt desires, and unwavering faith-based beliefs. I'm a witch, like Jesus.

When I travel it is because someone has invited me or asked me to be somewhere. Nine times out of 10 that person will pay my travel expenses! I have a friend who is a flight attendant, so flying standby is available and dirt cheap.

I have a boyfriend who I can call and ask for deposits and he'll send them. I have a dad who is always offering to buy a plane ticket. I have friends who are always telling me to stay in their spare room or on their couch as long as I need or want to, and they mean it.

When I have no money in my account, I just manifest some. When I need something, I ask. When I desire to have something happen, I imagine it happening..and it happens. I will ask for money even when I already have money. I will let someone else pay for my meal, bill, tab whatever because I am receptive, relaxed, open, humble, feminine, intelligent, quiet and blessed. I have been a Wanderer since 2010 - I have lived in 11 places all over the United States and rented rooms and apartments all over the place. I am an entrepreneur and a Sagittarius. Being fearless, optimistic, prosperity-minded and luckier than your fave things just always work out for me no matter what. Some people don't like my way of life but they don't have to live it do they? I make conscious decisions, trust Spirit, and I'm always ready to go. My life is enchanted AF. If I were miserable, I would make changes. I know things can always improve so I am constantly evolving.

Recently, one of my sisters (who may or may not be satisfied with her life) called me "entitled." When she said it I knew she didn't mean it as a compliment and yet I felt glad because do you know who else is often accused of being "entitled?" Rich Kids. My entire life is sustained by my underlying feeling of worthiness. I know that I will always have what I need and I'll eventually get what I want. I work hard. I pray. I do the work I love. I honor people. I champion The Sisterhood, because I just believe in that shit. I give people the best of me. When I fuck up, I communicate. When it's time to let a bitch go, I let go. I FLOW. Spirit works with me.

I do readings, connect people with root workers, travel to support friends and family, edit books and write...because I WANT TO. Because life is short and desk jobs make me feel like someone's pinching off my oxygen supply. I am usually happy where I am, and when I am not I accept it and create the next phase of my journey with my prayers, feelings, thoughts, visions, intentions, and ACTIONS. And you know what? The next phase always comes faster than I notice.

Create yours consciously.

Loving you,