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The common and popular thought seems to be that the more complex, frightening and occult a spiritual path is the more powerful it is. And, of course like most popular thought, this is hardly the case. Power is focused and simple. Spiritual Power is available to all because Spirit is Power and Spirit exists as us.

I love the word Spirit. I prefer it over the word God, because Spirit has the same root as the word Inspire - a root which means BREATH. What is more common to us all, if not our very BREATH? Spirit is simple, complete, and omnipotent. So, I keep my spirituality spirit-focused and spirit-centered.

I am turned off by complicated spiritual traditions with their many rules and their many hierarchies and their endless secrets. After all, that extreme secrecy is what has kept the masses psychologically and physically enslaved for centuries. There are the few who have the majik (because they know they ARE the majik) and then there's everybody else - misinformed, paranoid, superstitious and weak due to a lack of spiritual knowledge.


There is this pattern of thought that seeks a quick fix by spiritual means, while completely disregarding the sanctity of the process. Where is the reverence and gratitude? Where is the day-to-day commitment to living spiritual ideals and truths? Where is the attention if it is not focused upon the constant Universal Laws?

I don't know.

All I do know is that these microwaves spells and weekend spiritual practices have not and will not cut it.

I notice the pride that many people have about their spiritual traditions. It's cute. Witches love saying things like "my grandmother's second husband's dog was a witch and so I come from a line of witches." The idea implied here, of course, is that I am more powerful than you because someone else in my family acknowledged their inner power. Ha! But, can you demonstrate, though? That's what I want to know.

I don't care what anyone else in your bloodline was on. I barely care what you are on, but if you are using someone else's success to bolster yourself, that's all ego. And, it's dreadfully boring. I see the exclusivity and the secrecy that people still surround their beliefs with. It's understandable. But, then why complain when no one understands you?

Personally, I do not take complicated systems seriously. I get bored and annoyed with them very easily. I have worked to keep my spirituality as simple as possible. I work and study to remain ever-aware of the underlying principles that facilitate my effective spiritual and majikal practices.

So, I am always reaching for the clearest, simplest techniques, thoughts, and practices. I do not need complicated ceremonies or multiple entities vying for my attention, time, devotion, head and heart. I go straight to Source, because this makes the most sense to me.

Source contains all. Source is Spirit and that is ABSOLUTE POWER. I go over heads and position myself directly before The Omnipotent. There are certain spiritual practices which I engage routinely, and which might be considered opposites to my witchery and majikal practices. They aren’t. Majik is scientific. Thought is physical. Prayers demonstrate. There are principles and laws at work in everything we do.

So, I manage to keep things simple, by sticking with the basics.

Everywhere I look, people are clawing to get themselves involved in seemingly "advanced" spiritual practices, which are really just more complicated. They nosedive into shit they don't understand and for which they are not prepared. I think the results of that type of thoughtless, premature activity brings all types of trouble.  Be careful.

But, alas, I'mma mind my own business. Do what you will, harm none.