While You're Waiting

mindsetAyodele FuegaComment

Have you ever prayed for something that took years to accomplish? I have. It took me 10 years to finally manifest the level of income and independence I now enjoy in my work. I struggled against stubborn fears, egoic tendencies, limited paradigms and toxic attachments. I am still working on myself and my consciousness everyday.

One thing I learned early on is when you petition higher powers you are either asking them to work for you or to make things work for you. You cannot then settle on your haunches and watch the wick of your prayer candle to the last pop and whisper of the flame while you literally do nothing else.

When you pray, move your feet. - African Proverb

Change is work and it is rarely comfortable or convenient. Sometimes change is downright painful and may even lead to suffering if you do not remain vigilant with your thoughts and emotions. I literally had to let go of some of the most important relationships in my life while these people demonstrated to me clearly just how important our friendship was to them. When I left these girls didn’t bat an eye, send a text, an email, nothing!

Change can be heartbreaking but the trick is having a vision so clear and grand that it is worth doing years of personal development and mental upgrades. It is about being committed to yourself and knowing that life has more to offer and there is more power, greatness and creativity within you waiting to be released.

I do a lot of work for others these days from coaching, divining, candle lighting ceremonies, invocations, writing, creating courses, one-on-ones, to hand-making products in the back of my boyfriend’s shop. Some nights I don’t even go home. I work until my body overpowers my resolve and then I wake up and work some more. I love it wholly and would not trade this business and work for any job—no matter how much simpler it’d be.

Life is work and work is one of the core pleasures of my life. Work includes every activity that falls under the banner of business but it also includes my spiritual work. It includes my mental and emotional work. It includes my study and the work I must do within my own thoughts to come to a decision and stick with it even when it is no longer fun or comfortable for me.

Work is the process of conscious evolution, of allowing the majik within you to flow out in the form of creation, words and activities. Work is directing and using energy to make and manifest shit. It’s a beautiful process and is a high honor. Beginning to view work this way has been revolutionary for my life. I now think of time differently, things that used to be “fun” aren’t even remotely fun anymore. People that seemed interesting before…nevermind.

What I’m saying is that in this new spirit of “Werrrrrrrrk” I don’t experience too many dull moments these days. And I certainly don’t experience impatience. Work puts the mind into strategy-mode where you spend more time thinking in terms of “resolution” than “when, how, when!?” You are actively engaged in whatever inspired action you feel led to take. For me, this is a very real Go With The Flow sitch. I find myself getting an idea and immediately implementing it and it feels so good. It feels like life is one big celebration.

I want this for you too. I believe the way to be in the flow—rather than stagnant and impatient for some external force to move you—is to first and foremost figure out what you want. Then be willing to do whatever it takes to work with the creative force to make it a reality.

I believe in you. So don’t waste time waiting around. There is always plenty of work to do. Do whatever work you feel inspired to do, without hesitation and without excuse.