THRIVING WITCHES: Powerful beliefs create powerful witches

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My Father and my Mother are the Gods of Gods, the Sustainers of the Worlds, the Creators of all extending out and permeating all the meta-verse. Oh give thanks! She is nearer than my neck vein and closer than my breathing is to me. Daily I turn my face to Him for sustenance, light, truth, power. I am relaxed in the knowing that all is truly well within me and within my World. I experience the light side of life. I am fully empowered and equipped to co-create a life, love and mission which are pleasing in my Father-Mother-God’s sight.

You are my Sibling—my equal and co-heir in this endless spiritual journey of expansion and experience. Give thanks! I am joyous to have come into this world, on this planet, in this day-and-age at the same time as you. I feel a compulsion within my spirit to remind you of Truth. The truth being you are DIVINE—as divine as God is divine. And you are holy and transcendent. This world and this life present challenges which are motivations and inspirations for us to grow and expand endlessly. We live in truth so we know that our LOVE for God transmutes difficulties and adversities into everything working in our favor at last.

Give thanks!

God is real, God is your very spirit and core—your home and source. The absolute power in existence, wisdom and knowledge itself here to flow, expand, create and live life through, as, around and for you. You are never alone. All of your sisters and brothers are here, filing the world as Godlike beings—with you. And Spirit, Holy Spirit, is with and in you.

And here is what I want you to keep at the forefront of your mind.

1 . God created you irrevocably and unquestionably worthy. Nothing in this world or any of the other worlds could change this.

2. You are created with purpose, you are not a fluke/accident/mistake. Everything and everyone has a divine design etched into its DNA. God doesn’t make mistakes and does not make useless creations.

3. You have a body, mind, heart, and will—use those to create what you desire, striving to harm none least of all yourself.

4. An obstacle (regardless of its nature) is not an impossibility. The only impossibilities that exist are fallacies invented by the mind. The same mind which make-believes limitations can invent and intuit means of circumventing those same so-called “limitations.” As Muhammad Ali, the great, said, “‘Impossible’ is a challenge.” It is nothing more than this.

5. Regardless of what you have been through, you are still here and still capable. We all have histories complete with challenges and mistakes. You are free to use your history to empower, progress, succeed,, and transform now. In fact, no greater motivation can exist than to rise up from the ashes of your history.

6. Others are a reflection of you, the greatness you see reflected in others exists within you. Resist the small-minded urge/habit of comparing yourself to others and transcend the envy disease. You are a born-winner. Cooperate with and celebrate others. Witness their greatness and embody your own. Allow the examples of others to spark something within you. When the inspired thought comes, take inspired action.

7. There are people on the planet with no petty money worries, who never question their worthiness, and who are above simple concerns of survival. I’m not saying those people are better than us in any way, they aren’t. I’m just saying—I wonder what they think about? What do they discuss? What do they give their time, money, attention, and energy toward? How can we begin to adjust our thinking, activities, and beliefs to elevate our level of living from struggling to thriving. I believe the first thought we must understand is that it is our responsibility and our right to begin thriving while facilitating others in thriving. If we are struggling it becomes less likely that we are empowered enough to assist others. The paradox, however, remains that the quickest way to manifest a desire is to make it possible for others, or to give it away. This is why people who tithe often find their resources multiplied. This is why I could start a business without anything and grow rapidly. My mission has been and continues to be: To empower sisters through spirituality, to assist you in rooting yourself into permanent prosperity.

8. Spirit is with you, always and all-ways. There is nothing the Spirit can’t accomplish through you. Enlarge your concept and idea of God and what She can do. Limiting what, who, and how God is limits your whole life.

  • What is God? ALL

  • Where is God? HERE

  • Why is God? CAUSE

  • When is God? NOW

  • Who is God? US

  • How is God? GOOD

“Believing in a Higher Power heightens my powers.” -Ayodele Fuega

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