Love Invocation (June 2019)

Ayodele FuegaComment

love invocation 13: love never fails

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love invocation 12: love fortifies

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love invocation 11: love reincarnates

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love invocation 10: love persists

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love invocation 09: love enchants

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love invocation 08: love remains

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love invocation 07: love expands

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love invocation 06: love cares

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love invocation 05: love restores

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love invocation 04: love refreshes

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Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 12.44.12 AM.png

love invocation 03: love transforms

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love invocation 02: love is patient

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Greetings Love,

NOTE: Welcome to June 2019! Today we will begin our LOVE INVOCATION! You are invited to follow along here. I will be selecting three witches to receive a Love Box filled with goodies to use in love drawing and self-love work. Let me see you participating by re-posting the recordings, inviting your friends and using #BBLoveInvocation. Also, please consider donating to either Bossy Bruja Podcast and/or Bossy Bruja Prayers. Once we reach $1000 the proceeds will go toward our bossy micro grant to bless one small business owner. If you’d like to be considered for this micro grant, simply make a donation of at least $1 and send me a screenshot of your receipt and a quick email about your business (idea) to

Now, a quick word about our love invocation, because yesterday I felt myself getting overwhelmed at the idea of leading a group of witches in the manifestation of romantic love. All types of confused questions and insecurities started to surface. Then a calm came over me and I wrote these words: We will approach the manifestation of romantic love and partnership the way we approach all manifestations, with our thoughts as seeds, with our omnipotent spirit, and our words as wands. Our vision will be our blueprint. We can feel love now.

If we believe and expect it to be easy, enchantingly beautiful, and rapturous it will be as we have decided for ourselves. The majority may be eking out mediocre, boring, un-examined lives and their love lives are probably just as drab. But you and I, dear? We are consciously co-creating our lives for ourselves, and we have one another’s support. This means we are careful not to be carried away on the endless sea of drama that others are content to drift upon.

We make our own choices. We set the energy in our lives. We accept this day our perfect worthiness and the permanent beneficence of Creator Almighty.

May the love of Spirit permeate our being, radiate through us, and find its match with ease. May we give expression to Spirit loving itself in another. May we lend our Bodies, Minds, and Hearts to love. May we know true love intimately now. Amen.