So you want to get a reading but you don't want to go to hell or be told when you're going to die...

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Cool. I totally get it. I've experienced terror due to my religious upbringing before, especially before I learned that hell is a state of mind and not a physical place. I used to have a very scary concept of God, but when I began to develop my personal prayer life everything changed. I learned that God is actually closer to me than my breathing and that She is my very aliveness. I started to take Big Brother Yeshua (Jesus) serious about "the Comforter" he called Holy Spirit.

And I learned that Spirit is always sending us messages and communicating to us through intuition and all types of other channels. Spirit can speak to you through numbers, license plates, billboards, tv commercials, radio programs, even a stranger. Spirit, being The Almighty, has the full scope of possibility at Her disposal. She can use anything She wants to speak to us - even, say, a pack of cards with pretty pictures and symbols or words written on them.

Now, maybe you're wondering why I keep referring to Spirit as a "She." I'm glad you asked! I was raised Pentecostal Christian. I like to describe that as Baptists on crack-cocaine. Haha. Ahem, anyway, my particular flavor of Christian upbringing has instilled an abiding and deep appreciation for the Holy Bible. I have never been the type of arrogant and contemptuous personality to throw away an entire discipline simply because parts of it are no good. I'm more "eat the fish, spit out the bones," personally. And in the Holy Bible, in the ancient book of Genesis we are taught about the Trinity. God, the Father. God, the Son. And the mysterious God, the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. Now, no where in nature does a man mate with ghost to beget a son. So, let's use our logical minds and read between the misogynistic lines of the Bible and understand that the Holy Spirit is the feminine or Mother aspect of the God-trinity. Holy Spirit, is the comforter who is also described in the Holy Bible as our counselor and friend.

You're probably wondering what Spirit has to do with the process of divination, right? Well, it's like this. When I was growing up in the church one of the pastors suggested that if we ever had a question for God that we get still, ask a question, close our eyes and open our Bibles randomly and the scripture that our eyes landed on would be the answer to our question. I found this to be true. Another thing I found is that I could use this exact process with just about any book. In fact, sometimes I didn't even have to ask the question. Answers would come to me all the time about things that I had privately, silently and inwardly asked. Even things that I'd never voiced out loud would be answered spontaneously as I was going through my day minding my magical black business.

Why? Because the law of attraction is always on and we are always attracting to us the answers we want and need. And, because Spirit knows our hearts and is always communicating the answers, insights and bits of wisdom that we need on our path on any given day. And that's where the cards come in! Sometimes you may feel a strong desire to have a direct conversation with Spirit and receive insight on a specific topic. Well, I find that when I need answers and I'm not able to clearly hear the wisdom that is everywhere in the universe around me, the cards provide a means of gazing directly into the situation at hand and receiving direct and immediate feedback on it. Do you know what that means? It means that when you ask a question of the cards, you aren't getting an answer back from these bits of paper with pictures drawn on them. You are getting answers from the Spirit within you who is drawing them to you in a clear and orderly fashion. Me? I just interpret the cards. And, I find that they never lie since it's actually Spirit selecting them and giving me intuitive downloads.

Do you feel better about getting your reading now that you have a better understanding of what a reading actually is? Email me at to schedule your reading NOW. All readings are $1 a minute and you are free to ask anything you want to ask aloud or inside the privacy of your own mind. Spirit is nearer than your breathing so she can hear, remember? Then, prepare yourself to have a very insightful, fun and spirited conversation with me about what the cards mean. That's it. That's all. 

Talk to you soon!

P.S. I don't know when you're going to die. The cards don't really give me that kind of information. In fact, there are too many factors and personal decisions for you to make for me to possibly determine when or how you're going to die. So don't be afraid of that either.