Our Oils

Three things have brought me success with magic: detailed petitions, consistent (spell) work and oils. The way oil catches fire accelerating and spreading it around, it absorbs and carries our prayers, intentions and consciousness. Every bottle I create is filled with intentions to prosper, protect and support my witches in the manifestation of their desires. This is the easiest way, I believe, to bring our intentions and desires together into your spell work. I learned from my Pentecostal upbringing that when two or more touch and agree nothing is impossible to them. I believe that our two minds come together when the oils go from my hands to yours. And because so many other witches receive oils from the same huge vat, I believe their intentions, well-wishes, magic, and prayers support you as well.

And before I forget, here’s a note on USING OILS: One question I get all of the time is how to best use the oils. I’ve created a couple audios about this. Check them out here and here. I also recommend that when you receive your oil you take time to speak a prayer into it. Tell your oil what you’d like it to help you create in your life. Then you can use the oil to anoint your feet, corresponding crystals, altar, or to dress a candle. You may also add the oil to a spiritual bath or to your diffuser or oil burner. There are endless ways to use the conjure oils—just be careful to read the oil descriptions on the purchase page because some of them are not wearable.

We have experienced many lasting wins in this circle and I look forward with assurance to many more. That said: we have way more to offer, check it out.