our roots

Bossy Bruja is a new enterprise but my magical journey is as old as I can remember. I was my mama’s firstborn. I’d ride around with her in a little beat up Hugo and stare up at the moon and ask why the moon was following me everywhere. “Because you’re that special, baby,” she’d respond. My mama took me to a little Pentecostal church in upstate New York when I was a small girl and the church ignited my love of God. I was as involved in that church as a little girl could be and was known for being a “good girl.”

That good girl grew into the 14 year old who would gather all the Black kids around a huge tree in the grove at our predominantly white, southern high school to pray over us. I have organized sister circles since then, inspired by the gatherings I used to attend with my mama as a girl. That 14 year old became the 17 year old who started working at a yoga studio. I practiced yoga, participated in quests (astral projections) and medicine circles with a shaman. I attended classes with old witches, meditated, read books on witchcraft and Religious Science (Ernest Holmes & Louise Hay) and started giving all of my friends card readings.

I’d wander into the woods with my crystals and speak to my spirit guides. That 17 year old became the 19 year old woman practicing sex magic and tantra and meeting other young, Black magicians in a secret group in the basement of Bluford Library at an HBCU. We gathered together in the backwoods of Virginia for solstice and equinox retreats. That 19 year old became a 21 year old woman who began traveling and living all over the United States (Philly, DC, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, San Diego, Vegas, New Orleans, Miami) meeting tons of magic practitioners and learning much along the way.

At 29, I met a woman in a witch shop in North Carolina who introduced me to conjure oils. That woman and those oils changed my life. I began to thrive and realized the time had finally come for me to share my magic with the world. I am most proud of the oils I have created and shared which have already blessed hundreds of practitioners around the world.